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When to See the Doctor

How often is too much? Too little? Should I call my regular physician or is this more of an emergency situation? Watch these short videos to learn more about doctor and hospital visits.


Health Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are numerous and have been scientifically studied. For older adults, regular physical activity has been shown to... ( read more )

Patient Education

The more patients understand about their health and care, the more comfortable they will be with their treatment. QIP offers patient education solutions that allow your patients to more actively participate in their care. The online interactive tutorials help your patients understand causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. The tutorials engage the patients, asking questions at critical points in order to verify understanding and to correct misconceptions. QIP offers modules for the following conditions:

Choose a Topic to Learn More

Videos and tutorials are short video based learning tools. Handouts are PDF documents outlining more information about each topic.
Click Tutorial tutorial Handout tutorial or Video tutorial under each topic to get started.


How Patient Education Works

Your patients are able to access the tutorials in the comfort of their home, learn at their own pace, and can repeat portions of the tutorials to increase understanding when needed. The tutorials answer many questions which patients are sometimes embarassed to ask.

  • Increase the patient's ability to cope with and manage
    health issues
  • Facilitate patients' and families' understandings of their
    health status, options, and consequences of care
  • Encourage patients to help with decision making
  • Increase patients' potential to follow a health care plan
  • Help patients learn behaviors that promote recovery and improve function
  • Increase patient confidence in his or her self care
  • Decrease treatment complications

Our targeted and appropriate patient and family education offers benefits for your practice, including the following:

  • Increased satisfaction
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Improved efficiency through cost-effective accurate care
  • Better informed patients


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