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A Partnership Between You and Your Primary Care Physician

Posted on March 27th, 2012
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Your primary care physician is a participating member of Quality Independent Physicians, an organization dedicated to improving your health, quality of care and communication.

What this partnership means to you

Your primary care physician’s job is to provide you with the information to use health care services in the most effective manner possible and making sure your wishes are not overlooked.  Helping you develop individual health goals and plans to achieve them involves all aspects of the healthcare system including:

  • Regular checkups and annual wellness appointment
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Hospital stays
  • Emergency Room visits
  • Specialist

What can you do to help your primary care physician provide you with the best care?

  • Prevention – You should keep all your regular checkups and your annual wellness visit.
  • Chronic Problems – If your chronic problems get worse call your primary care physician to schedule an appointment.  The sooner you are started on treatments, the more likely you are kept out of the hospital.
  • Emergency Room Visits – It’s best to call your primary care physician first.  They may be able to get you an appointment and started on a treatment quickly, possibly avoiding a hospital visit. Of course, if you are very sick and feel like you need to go the emergency room, please do so!
  • Specialist – Did you know that many of your issues can be addressed through your primary care physician’s office?  Your doctor however does recognize that they are not experts in all aspects of medicine, and when appropriate, they will refer you to the specialist that will best handle your needs and whom they would trust to treat their own family members.

Your primary care physician’s goal

Your doctor’s goal is to be your partner for providing you with quality healthcare.  If at any time you have trouble getting an appointment or having your needs met, make sure you tell your primary care physician of your concerns; your doctor will want to know if there is a problem.  Also remember you should know the name and phone number of the office manager, this person is also there to help you when you feel an issue needs to be addressed.  Your primary care physician wants to have a long, rewarding and healthy relationship between you and their practice.  Working closely with your doctor can help them to achieve this goal.